August 15, 2006


Mike Mariano

Good to see you, too, Mac!

That's an accurate summary of Opening Night: there was a good 20% of the show that was just gone because of those sound issues. But the audience stayed with you every step of the way. For every song we couldn't hear there was a sublime rock moment worth waiting for.

I wasn't so concerned about missing the lyrics as I was about not being able to hear lead guitar! That's the essence of the show, and that should be louder than ANYTHING else! Crank that puppy up!

Hope tonight goes well! (It starts in 15 minutes!)

Oh, PS: I am a NYC commuter now! No more infrequent hour-long train rides into the city for me! Now it's daily HALF-hour train rides! I win!

Mike Mariano

Just following and clicking through on your links above: Seaman Stayn has a collapsed lung?


Yikes! Send along my best wishes.

Katie Riegel

Glad to see you read my review! The sound problems were unfortunate but I didn't think it was fair to harp on one performance. Great work on the show. Congratulations and best of luck!

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